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Our Story

Nestled in a small town, where houses brush up against each other and gardens tumble down hills and climb up trellises, we built our friendship around a common passion: fashion. And it’s on that foundation that we built Pardao – a brand that strives to innovate at every turn with an unparalleled level of quality.

As with most aspiring designers, we started off with bold concepts and no boundaries. We gleaned ideas from the world around us, comparing notes and following designs to realization, testing, playing with shape and color, and finding ways to blend each person’s unique outlook into one cohesive product. In the beginning, it was all about what looked pretty – what stood out, what ‘made’ an outfit, what spoke to our inner aesthetic.

But as we grew and matured, we began bringing our everyday life experiences into the mix. What works to hold all of my office gear but still doesn’t clash with my outfit? Is there a way to make a bag that transitions from gym to island getaway without it looking like an ‘80’s fashion atrocity? How do you make a school bag fun, functional, and trendy all at the same time?

We used these questions to streamline our bold natures, ultimately creating Pardao in 2015, a fashion-forward, function-focused company that offers bags and backpacks that accomplish two things simultaneously: look amazing and fit needs unmet by the current market.

Yes, a duffle bag will haul gym clothes, act as a carry on, and gather up all of your Taekwondo gear. But it won’t breathe to house wet clothes and help them dry, feature exterior clips to hook up and haul larger gear, or offer the perfect-sized pouch to keep your cell phone dry on your escapades. It also might not fit in an overhead compartment. But our bags will.

Any ‘ole backpack will lug around textbooks, pencil cases, and hidden snacks to gobble down between classes, but ours keeps things organized with expertly placed pockets and adds a fun twist to even the most boring school uniform. Bonus – for schools that require clear bags, it fits the bill without limiting you to one single large pocket.

We haven’t looked back since setting up shop. The ideas that churned and rolled over late-night dinner table conversations just a few years ago are not only taking shape today, they’re prompting new, better, bigger ideas every day. Innovation begets innovation, and our ideas constantly prompt new products: cases for board games, backpacks for swimming, see-through schoolbags, and so much more. From our picturesque little town, surrounded by hundreds’ year old buildings that exemplify what it means to build something beautiful that lasts, we create the bags you need with the looks you want.

And therein lies our promise and our mission –

We craft bags that weave themselves in and around your daily life with style, grace, and purpose. 

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